Engage Asia
Controlling the dashboard

There are two selectors available to explore on the dashboard:

  • Country
  • Theme

All available countries (China, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam) are selected by default. You can use the dropdown to select or deselect any combination of these countries.

Data is organised around two themes:

  • Trade (GDP and import/export data)
  • Movement (Visa, student, business and tourist data)

Trade is selected by default. You can view Movemement data by selecting it in the dropdown.

Interacting with the map

Countries and markers on the map can be interacted with by clicking or (if using a touch screen) tapping.

Click a country to view information about it. Click the close button on the right to close this pane.

Click a diplomatic engagement (Consulate, High Commission, or Embassy) marker to view information about it, and the country it is from. Click the close button on the right of the country information pane to close it.

Interacting with graphs

Graphs can be interacted with too.

Hover over or tap a graph element to display more information.

You can also click items in the legend to turn them on or off, or double click the item to isolate it.

You're ready to go

Scroll down to begin using the dashboard.

Dark mode
Note: All countries are selected by default. Any combination can be selected from the dropdown.
Scroll down to view graphs.